In 2008, Apple’s Safari team had a problem: web developers had noticed that links, buttons, and several input elements were not matching the selector when clicked. Similarly, clicking on those elements did not fire a or event. …

Everyone wants to rewrite their codebase. The current one has too much cruft. It’s legacy code. Ugh.

A pile of junk.
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At some point in every programmer’s experience, they interact with a codebase that is so frustrating that they dream of scrapping the whole thing and starting over. When is this a good idea? When is this a macabre fantasy that’s best left unrealized?

Code grows like an organism. Some evolutions…

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One of my more common critiques on code reviews of CSS changes is the presence of magic numbers. I’ll see a property being added with a nonsensical measurement, like , and I’ll ask to contributor why it exists. More often than not, the answer is, “because it works.” The…

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Among the many seeming oddities of JavaScript is the fact that (Not-a-Number) is not equal to itself. Countless beginners have written conditionals checking if , only to find that this is never true. The solution, of course, is to use the built-in checker, . …

Nick Gard

Web Developer, Oregonian, husband

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